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ZT are a trusted and recognised business with many years of experience in the industry. We will repair and service every car as well as take care of its other requirements such as air conditioning or tyres. All of our work is completed by a highly experienced team.


Our highly experienced team of mechanics will help you choose the most appropriate oil for your vehicle as well as carry out its oil change.


You can get leading brands of tyres as well as budget alternatives at competitive prices, and also have your wheels professionally balanced and aligned to minimise wear.

Computer Diagnostics

ZT uses of the art snap on car diagnostics equipment we will correctly identify the issue and successfully resolve it.

Air Conditioning

We specialise in servicing air-con systems in all cars, vans and other vehicles equipped with air- conditioning system.


Our Experienced technicians will check the condition of your vehicle's exhaust system, diagnose any faults and carry out high quality repairs.


ZT will carry out all necessary repairs and replacement of worn out and damaged suspension elements. we will also advise you in respect of the purchase of the suitable parts for your vehicle.

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Established since 2001, ZT Trading is UK's leading auto trading company. We buy, sell and suggest vehicles to our valued clientele.

Our wide range of cars includes something for every taste and budget, from sporty Mini Cooper convertibles to modern classics like the Fiat 500 all the way through to rugged Land Rovers built for adventure. Buying a car can sometimes feel like a complicated and daunting process and, so, it is our role to make it as straightforward and enjoyable experience as possible. Ultimately, our aim is to build trusting and respectful relationships with our customers, so that you will come back to us time and again.